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Thank you so much for your interest in Chingona Inc. designs. My goal is to eventually roll out a vast array of women and their careers. If you would like to cut inline or get a personalized one prices are as follows:


  • 💫 $20 - To take a pre-existing Chingona Inc. loteria card and make modifications; with added text of career choice/number.


Modifications include color change such as; hair, skin, lip, clothing etc. 


⚡️ $3 more to add an element ($3 each)

 Elements I don’t already have 

(depending on the complexity of element price subjects change)



💫 $120.00 For a full customization to look exactly like someone or to liking.




⚡️These prices are based on the time it takes to create the customization and if purchasing product, uploading it for sale.


This DOES NOT included the price of the product if wanting shirt, pouch, stickers, etc.


Payment will be done through pay pal with a 50% deposit required to begin. Turn around time is 5 business days.

Interested in a Logo, Flyer, or Social Media design?

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